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How to Survive 20 Credits

You may wonder, why?! Why did you do that to yourself? The reason simply being I’m double-majoring and I want to graduate on time. And let me slide in a very subtle international student trait -- we are overachievers and are used to the grind. Nevertheless, I survived my 20 credits and even got onto the dean’s list for the first time. So here’s how I did it.


Tip #1: G-cal is your best friend

G-cal aka Google Calendar is THE ONE that got me through the school year. Every single week, I would update my google calendar and make sure my assignments and tasks and appointments are up to date. When you have so much to do, you cannot possibly remember every single commitment you have and as nerdy as it sounds, seeing the different colors in the calendar brings me joy (cue Marie Kondo logic). I read another article the other day where billionaires explaining to-do lists are actually not that helpful, but rather on your calendar, block time slots of your every action where you study, go to the gym, do homework, etc.. This speeds up efficiency and makes sure you get your work done on time.


Tip #2: Find every way to beat your procrastination tendencie

As a huge procrastinator, I can say it was harder for me than anyone else to balance everything. I googled every single procrastination tip there is and what worked best for me was listening to classical music and the “just start” method (a name I just created). By listening to music, especially classical music, I was able to satiate the part of my brain that seeks distraction and with the “just start” method, I essentially just begin my assignment, especially in writing daunting papers. The introduction is always hard and as a perfectionist, I wanted to make sure what I write is up to par with my standards, However, no matter how bad it is, just write and begin your task. You can always go back and edit them.

Tip #3: Fill your fridge with meal prep containers

Some of you might have less struggles with this if you eat in the dining halls, however, for those that live in apartments and do not know how to cook or have the time to do so, it was the hardest adulting transition I have to execute. So instead, I would spend around 3 hours to meal prep my lunches for the rest of the week on Sundays. This significantly decreases my desire to go out and get takeouts and my worry about my next meals.

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So far, these are the three tips that worked for me. No way am I trying to force everyone to take my advice nor take 20 credits. Your mental health is your most important concern and if you are not physically capable, don’t ever force this upon yourself. Self-care is something I cannot highlight enough. If you have questions, please contact me. And if you have any tips of your own, please leave them down below so everyone who is in school in general, can survive college.


Good luck!