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President Kaler calls for students from every country

MISA (the Minnesota International Student Association) recently hosted their annual Feast of nations. It was amazing event where the student group arranged everything from dances to food for over 1200 people. University of Minnesota President, Eric...
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International Student Orientation Program (ISOP) 2013-2014

Hi, international students out there. I video taped the International Student Orientation Program this summer. I hope this video give you a sense of what to expect from International Student & Scholar Services. Here is the link to the video I...
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International Student Ambassadors 2013-2014

It is really exciting for me to introduce some of the new International Student Ambassadors: Shoichi Nakayama , and Valeria Lopez . I hope you enjoy the video and get to know more about them! International Student Ambassadors 2013 - 2014
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Involvement=Key to Sucess

Hello everyone, my name is Young, one of the International Student Ambassadors. I am going to introduce you to how to become successful as an international student here in the University of Minnesota. This is the picture of my Pledge Class for...
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Who is Ángela Castro?

Hey there! I'm Ángela Castro, originally from Colombia , specifically from a vibrant city called Cali. It's always sunny and warm in my hometown and you'll always find a place to dance salsa and exquisite food such as ajiaco, arepas, buñuelos,...
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All Roads Lead to Rome (U Study Abroad Program)

We are called international students since we came from all over the world. By this identification, we do know the benefit of studying abroad. This summer, Thanks to the University of Minnesota. I pushed the definition of international students and...
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Where am I?

Hi people! This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador! What's up! I have a questions that I need to ask you... Please look at these pictures. Where am I? Am I shooting a movie? Am I time-traveling? I wish. Well, not really. I like 21th...
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Is anyone there?!?!? This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador and I need help!! I am being chased by whole bunch of zombies!!!!! HELP!!!!! No…. Nooooooooooooo!!!! Oh no….. I turned into a zombie myself tooooooo!!!! Nooooooooooooooo Okay...