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Preparing for the harsh Minnesota winter

This guide is meant to help all new International students get through the hard winter in Minnesota; those who come from warmer weathers will find it the most helpful. Yes, we all know it’s cold outside; Minnesota’s weather can be challenging, but...
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Names and their meanings across cultures

–What does your name mean? –What do you mean “mean”? –Yes, what does your name mean in your language? –Well, I guess nothing… it’s just a name… I was having this conversation with one of my colleagues from the Graduate Graphic Design track the other...
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Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago?

Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago? Famous Bean (Sky Gate) in The Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, Taste of Chicago, Wrigley Field, Deep Dish Pizza, Garret’s Pop Corn, Chicago Style Hotdog... Chicago is one of those cities that...
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2013: An Incredible Year for a Grad Student

There are so many differences in terms of culture that we, as International Students, know they exist. One of them, is the idea of creating new resolutions. Nevertheless, in my home country, Colombia, we think more about the past than the future. I...
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I got an Internship!

Carlson School of Management has a lot of resources available for their students. They host Career & Internship Fair every semester that more than 100 recruiters from local and national companies are coming to recruit Carlson students. The...
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Do you think you will be lonely for the school break?

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to introduce you to the very successful events for international students that were held by the University of Minnesota! When there are school breaks like winter break, summer break, or spring break, most of the...
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MISA Open House

Last Friday, the Minnesota International Students Association (MISA) held their Spring semester Open House Event. An Open House Event is when a student organization invites all their members and non-members, and they can enjoy free food...
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Get around the city by Bus

Getting around the city might be difficult without a car, but there are a some public transportation options that will get you to anywhere. I just made a video introducing bus transportation in Minneapolis. I hope you enjoy the video and riding...
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Transfer to Carlson

Hello, I have seen some of my friends writing an essay to prepare for transferring to Carlson School of Management (CSOM). I would like to share the information of Carlson transfer admission requirement, which might be interesting to those who are...
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Winter Gear

I made a little winter gear video to show you how to stay warm in Minnesota. P.S. check out the thrift store, outlet mall, local store, and online to save a few bucks.