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How to Take Care of Yourself During an Intense Semester

We students are all different. Some of you would like to spend time with friends, some would rather be alone to have a deep meditation session, before the home work and tests of a new semester start. In my case I enjoy spending time at a cabin or...
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The Great Minnesota Get Together

Every year, 12 days before Labor Day (September 1st), the Minnesota State Fair official begins. This year was no different. The State Fair opened its door on Thursday, August 21st and ran until September 1st, and classes at the University of...
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Getting Through Your First Week

September 5 th marks the end of the first week of Fall 2014 semester. For many of us, this is our first semester at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, and I’m telling you, what a happy day the first TGIF was. There can be many reasons as to...
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How to find fun things to do around the campus

It is Fall Carnival today! My friend and I went to Coffman to check it out. There are several fun activities here but one thing I found most interesting is the zorbing. Basically, you are put in a huge ball and then when you run in the ball, you...
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Transfer Welcome Days

So we recently had our Transfer Welcome Days. I myself am a new transfer student so yes, I was in most of the programs and found them to be quite fun! First off, we were given free tickets to attend a football game in TCF Bank Stadium, as well as...