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Campus Housing

Sometimes finding a suitable place to live can be a hassle for college students. I lived in Middlebrook Hall during my first year of college and I had a great time. University of Minnesota Housing and Residential Life offers up to 9 residential...
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Take Advantage of your CLA Core Courses

Studying in the United States has been a great experience for me, full of amazing opportunities and discoveries. Part of what has made it so great is the flexibility that an American Liberal Arts degree has to offer, and at the same time the...
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Study Abroad While Studying Abroad

Ever think about doing another study abroad program while you are currently studying abroad? Wouldn't that be great? Think about it: You can go explore a different culture, learn a new language, and meet new people from all over the world. Also, you...
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Wonderful Places to eat on the East Bank & West Bank

Needless to say, I am a fat boy. And what a fat boy loves is eating. When I was a primary school student, what I cared most about was what my mom would cook for lunch and dinner, and now, being a college student, my biggest hope is that UDS (...
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Homecoming 2014 - Forever Gold. What's That?

If you have a chance to be on campus during the month of October, especially from the week of October 12th, you will see a common theme: "Homecoming" and students dressed up in gold-colored clothes (one of the two U of M colors, the other color is...