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The Chillest Place to Chill at The Chilliest of Days

Coffman Memorial Union is a perfect spot to hang around with friends or relax after a long day of classes! There are many things to do in Coffman, and those include: 1. Listening to a collection of talented students play piano, or even play piano...
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Great Thanksgiving Feast with my Extended Family in MN!

Hello guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving~ I know some of my friends enjoyed trips to New York City, Chicago and Seattle. For me, I just stayed in Minneapolis. It sounds lonely to stay here when most of my friends left for home. However, I was...
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Campus Wide Apocalypse

What makes an event a “good one”, or rather, a “successful one?" The unfortunately disappointing consensus of an answer would be careful planning, clearly defined purpose, teamwork between all related parties, etc. etc. etc.; we've all heard those...
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Making the most out of Office Hours

One of the things you hear the most coming into college is how much harder than high school it will be. I am almost done with my first semester and I can safely say, (unfortunately or fortunately, haha) that it is true. Now, the difficulty is not so...
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Double Majors Interested in both accounting and American History but could not decided which one to choose? Well, ever though about a third option---double majoring? With more than 140 majors provided in Twin Cities campus, you will definitely find...
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So many study spots, so little time

It's about that time of year, finals week. The week that sends students into hibernation in the libraries and other various study spots on campus. There are literally hundreds of places to study on campus. We have so many libraries on campus with...
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Engaging On-Campus

Winston Churchill aptly said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” I strongly agree with this quote and believe that it is important to work towards the betterment of the society. Volunteering not only grants us the...
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The Scholar's Walk

The Scholar's Walk: A walk down the achievements by faculty and students of the University of Minnesota
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Student Events

In early November I was invited to take part in an event held by the Indian Student Association . This event, which was a three-hour long fashion and dance show , gave me a much better understanding of the Indian culture in a fun way! Admission was...