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Co-op programs at the U

As an international student, we often forget about the importance of internships and getting practical experience in the US. We often just focus on our academics mainly. Our days consists of going to class, studying hard and getting A’s on all our...
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Intramural Sports (Soccer!)

Tips on how to get involved in intramural sports and my experience playing intramural soccer at the university!
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Connecting between the St. Paul and Minneapolis Campus

The University of Minnesota has different campuses across the state, the one I attend is called the Twin Cities campus. Ever wondered why it's called that? Well it is because it encompasses both St. Paul and Minneapolis, two metropolitan areas which...
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How to Survive 20 Credits

You may wonder, why?! Why did you do that to yourself? The reason simply being I’m double-majoring and I want to graduate on time. And let me slide in a very subtle international student trait -- we are overachievers and are used to the grind...