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Part 3 of the ambassador research series - Avishek Mishra

Hi guys! This week I caught up with Avishek to talk to him a bit about the research he is doing here at the U over the summer. Avishek works at the MIND lab (Medical Devices and Instrumentation lab) in the Mayo Building right here on campus. Avishek...
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Budget friendly things to do in the Twin Cities

Metropolitan areas can be expensive, so it’s always nice to know that there are fun things to do in the Twin Cities that don’t break the bank! Here are a few of the things I like to do and that are all budget friendly: I really like sports, in...
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Ambassador Summer Research Series - Prashasti Bhatnagar

Hi guys! Today I talked to Prashasti as part of our Ambassador Summer Research Series. Prashasti is working as a Cancer Disparities Intern at the Program in Health Disparities Research in the University of Minnesota Medical School, Twin Cities. As...
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A chat with future iSuccess mentors

Hi guys, I spoke recently with Tianxue Hu (Tess) and Jiacheng Zhang (James) about their experience with the iSuccess program and how they're looking forward to participate again this year, this time as mentors. What is iSuccess? James described it...
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UMN summer research series – Fabio Hodo

Hi guys, Now that it is summer, our ambassadors are on their break. Many students choose to use this time to go back home and relax, work, take summer classes or do research at the university, among other things. We wanted to do a special series at...
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Your UMN Advisor

Hi guys! Thinking about all the incoming students that we’ll be seeing around campus soon (and also the current students who don’t use this resource often), I’d like to tell you about your Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors are your go-to resource...
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BRAZUSC, the Brazilian Undergraduate Student Conference:

Hi guys, I wanted to share with you all the great opportunity I had this semester, which was to attend the Brazilian Student Association event in Chicago. BRASA is an association created by Brazilian students that were obtaining their undergraduate...
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Beating the Language Barrier

Hi Guys, As you may know, many international students suffer from some kind of language barrier when they transition from their home countries. Its perfectly normal that it should happen, after all, speaking a second or third language isn’t just...
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On-campus Vs. Off-campus living

Its very common for first year students at the university of Minnesota to live on-campus, meaning, live on the university residence halls, however, many people choose to live off campus once they get to their second, third and fourth years, and that...
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Summer Classes

Well, with my second semester all wrapped up here at the U, I had to make a choice regarding what I’d do for the summer, since we have a long break (3 months!). I chose to stay here in Minnesota and take some summer classes. I did this to earn some...