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Exhibits at Wilson Library

Now that the school year is almost over, students should appreciate some of the facilities we have on campus. Libraries are often used to study and we, as viewers, don't spend time looking at the exhibitions. Currently, there are different exhibits...
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“(Up)rooted and (Un)moored"

“(Up)rooted and (Un)moored: Discourses of Belonging in Hispanic and Lusophone Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics” One of the highlights of University of Minnesota is the academics opportunities that are offered. There are a variety of talks,...
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How To Survive The Winter

Even though it's getting closer to the spring season, winter still seems to be an every-day issue. This is why I would like to give you some personal and honest recommendations: 1. Dress appropriately: I remember back in 2010 when I used to live...
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Being A Ph.D. Student at the U of M Part I

To talk about something while you are still in it can be a little bit problematic. But I, a second year Ph.D. student, want to give you some insights using simple words and not the jargon that we tend to write when we describe our field or what we...
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Have You Been to the Weisman Art Museum?

Hola, Last week ambassador Kevin (Justinus Hartoyo) and I went to visit the Weisman Art Museum (WAM). WAM features early twentieth-century American artists, such as Georgia O’Keeffe and Marsden Hartley, as well as a diverse selection of ceramics and...
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What Do you Know About the Minnesota Vikings?

Hola, Last weekend I went to the see the Minnesota Vikings play at the TCF Stadium. If you have seen them, you already know how the experience is... so the video will show you a lit bit of mine. However, this blog will measure how much you know...
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How to Take Care of Yourself During an Intense Semester

We students are all different. Some of you would like to spend time with friends, some would rather be alone to have a deep meditation session, before the home work and tests of a new semester start. In my case I enjoy spending time at a cabin or...
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Some Advice for Incoming Undergrads

Hola! Today I would like to give some advice to incoming undergraduate students who decided to take a literary class or a language class. You can apply this advice to other courses you will take as well. Besides being an international student I’m...
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Renewing My Visa in Bogotá, Colombia

Hola a todos, As an international student I have to renew my visa in my home country every four years. Some countries require you to renew your visa every year. I know some people get confuse about documents, forms and so on. Here, you will find...
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What To Do in the Summer?

Hola a todos! As you all know, there are a lot of fun things to do in Minnesota during the summer so you will need extra time in your busy schedule to attend some of the events. Please, if you are reading this while you’re sitting on your couch and...