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How to pay your Tuition

Paying tuition is not that challenging as many international students think. The fastest way is paying through your student account. You just have to: Log in to your Myu account Click on My Finances Click on Make a payment. Then a new window will...
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International Student Employment

Want to get work experience off campus as an international student? Here’s what you need to know: 1. International Student Visa Status F-1 visa status aims to attain your educational objectives at the University. You need to be aware of information...
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Spring Break Plans

Hi everyone! Spring Break is a rejuvenating time for all the students that gives them the opportunity to relax, vacation with friends and get a head start on the rest of the semester. For my Spring Break, I chose to work on campus at the Community...
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ISA Members Went Hunting? (at the Job Fair)

On February 20 th , three members of ISA were seen hunting in the Minneapolis Convention Center. Every year, the U of M holds the Job and Internship Fair where people can be seen job searching in suits and dresses. The goal was to look for a...
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You are admitted, now what?

From time to time, the Ambassadors will hold live chat and informational sessions to answer questions you might have about the U of M. Now, for those who cannot join our live session, we offer a brand new feature: VIDEOS OF THE LIVE SESSIONS ARE NOW...
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Working on Campus

I remember that when I first entered college, I wanted to work but thought it was illegal for international students to work in the U.S., except for internships. However, I learned from ISSS that you can work as long as you work ON CAMPUS . If you...

Costs and Scholarships

Walter Library

The University of Minnesota provides a high-quality education at a reasonable cost, especially compared to our peer institutions. Since we charge a flat tuition rate, the tuition cost will not increase for students taking 13 credits or more per semester. Students typically take 15–16 credits per semester in order to graduate in four years.


The University of Minnesota—one of the nation’s top research universities—is committed to providing all students with a superb college experience at a great value.

But the value of a University of Minnesota education goes far beyond the affordable world-class academics. Our value also includes the wealth of opportunities provided on campus and in the community.