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Best business major in Carlson School of Management

If you ask me what is the best business-related major in my opinion, I would say, without a doubt, is MIS (Management Information Systems). Due to the incresing demand of data mining and data analysis, there is a growing need for MIS graduates, thus...
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How to rule the Career and Intership Fair with 1000% confidence

Have you ever had a sense of being socially awkward? Especially in settings when you are surrounded by so many people like a Career and Internship Fair? You sweat a lot while talking with recruiters, and sometimes it is so annoying that before...
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Ready for the snow? Here it comes!

Minnesota is famous for it harsh weather with snow for nearly 6 months straight. In addition to that, the wind also make it seems colder than it actually is. Facing the snow during school year might be joyful at first for some international students...
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Becoming a board member!

Hi guys! I am back with my first blog of this Fall 2015! This past summer was a great experience for me since I went back to my home country - Viet Nam to visit my families and relatives after a year in college. Yep, there were a lot of stories,...
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Spring Jam 2015 is coming!

The end of the semester is so close! I know all of you guys are so excited to be back with your family members. With that in mind, U of M wants to give you one last treat: Spring Jam 2015! If you guys are familiar with this amazing singing event,...
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Another reason to major MIS - CoMIS Comp

Hey guys, I am so sorry for not posting blogs recently. Psychology and Astronomy 1001 drives me crazy these days and only now I can settle down a bit and tell you some intereting stories. As you may know, or may not know, my major is MIS. Ambassador...
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2nd Year On Campus Housing

Most freshman feels uncomfortable about staying in dorm in sophomore year. And indeed, a majority of them choose off campus housing as their home for second year. Maybe because the dorm is too expensive, the food is not so good or simply because...
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How To: Maintain Happiness During College

Everybody knows how stressful it is to be in college. With enormous amounts of homework and exams and without proper ways to maintain positive life styles, we can easily become depressed. Depression is not good since it can result in many negative...
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A Tour of Middlebrook's 11th Floor

Hey guys, Anh here! I hope all of you are having a great winter with your family members. It is cold here in Minnesota, with some snow, creating an absolutely gorgeous scene just like what you saw in Frozen. In this time, I guess my most favorite...
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Wonderful Places to eat on the East Bank & West Bank

Needless to say, I am a fat boy. And what a fat boy loves is eating. When I was a primary school student, what I cared most about was what my mom would cook for lunch and dinner, and now, being a college student, my biggest hope is that UDS (...