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Summer Classes: A struggle or easy as can be?

Hey guys! This is a picture of me in Jeju Island when I was in Korea for three weeks over the summer! Although it was a short trip back to Korea, I had an amazing vacation. The summer is supposed to be a heavenly time to relieve all the stress that...
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My Work

Hey guys! I wanted to talk about my work this time. I have always wanted to get a job while I am in America. I remember getting an internship at an insurance company called "Massmutual" when I was in high school, however I was later revoked during...
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Enjoying Tennis!

No disrespect to any great tennis players out there, but I am just a guy who simply enjoys playing tennis! I have to say tennis is incredibly fun and it sure can kill a lot of calories! I started learning, well I never learned how to play tennis...
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Life in a computer lab?

I am sure there are many computer guys/girls out there who might laugh at what I am doing, but I have to tell you that programming in C++ language is quite a challenge for me! In a technological world that we live in, knowing how to use computers is...