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Cornercopia: A student initiative at the U of M and what comes of it!

Just recently I found out that there is a student-run farm at the U of M! It's called Cornercopia and it was founded in 2004 solely thanks to students' initiative. (Doesn't that speak to what impressive, motivate students are here?!) They grow...
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Saturday Fun

Saturday was pretty eventful! We (my friends and I) decided to use the newly opened Metro Transit Green Line to go to St. Paul’s Farmers Market. Luckily we printed a coupon for a free ride from the Farmer’s Market official web site . The new green...
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Have you ever seen a falcon up close? You can at the U of M!

Raptor Center at the U of M Yesterday I had a rare chance to see a presentation about the Raptor Center at the U of M. The presenter brought a peregrine falcon and a greyhound owl ! I cannot express how cute they were! The falcon seemed fragile and...
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Little experiences in the big America

This vague thing called culture… How do you feel it? What does it taste like? Is it bitter like a cold medicine or exciting like a trip to Disneyland? For me culture is in little things that make my world. After coming to the US my world changed,...
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Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program!

As you probably know University of Minnesota is pretty famous for research work. In fact it is one of the best places to start doing research. Multiple resources, not only libraries are available to students at the University of Minnesota. One of...
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Good Bye to IBP

This Saturday International Buddy Program had the last event organized by the current team. Every year they hire international students to continue with the task of helping new international students get properly settled in at the U of M in order to...
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Extra Learning Resource at the U of M ☺

This semester I am taking 15 credits. I want more but I know that I might not be able to handle that. That’s why instead of taking actual credit class I try using the resources available to students at the U of M to try new things. One of my...
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Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago?

Ever wanted to see big and shiny Chicago? Famous Bean (Sky Gate) in The Millennium Park, Navy Pier, Magnificent Mile, Taste of Chicago, Wrigley Field, Deep Dish Pizza, Garret’s Pop Corn, Chicago Style Hotdog... Chicago is one of those cities that...
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U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP)

U of M, Studying Abroad and International Buddy Program (IBP) Why are they awesome? Dear International students! I want to tell you three things, one awesome, one good and one …maybe not so good. Lets start with not-so-good-one. If you are trying to...
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Thanksgiving with IBP

Last Sunday about 150 U of M students enjoyed slightly premature but still exciting Thanksgiving celebration. The event was organized by a well-known ISSS based student organization – International Buddy Program ( IBP ) with the support of MISA and...