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End of summer nostalgia

"The summer break is officially over" I keep reminding myself as I read through the usual beginning of semester swarm of emails. Due dates, reminders, appointments, meetings; making sure my class schedule is in shape, my class syllabus and materials...
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Transportation methods around campus

The University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus is a great space divided by the city's main river: the Mississippi. The campus has buildings on both river banks; the East Bank; which, as its name indicates, is located on the East side of the river,...
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Meet the Goldstein Museum of Design collection

The Goldstein Museum of Design opened their closets to show us some of the marvelous pieces they have in their design collection; which includes over 20 thousand pieces of apparel and costume, product and graphic design. The Goldstein is open for...
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MISA Cultural Bazaar

The Minnesota International Student Association ( MISA ) organized their first Cultural Bazaar to showcase the different student groups and associations around the U of MN and celebrate cultural diversity. Check out this fun event!
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Traveling away from home: tips from a frequent flyer

Got accepted at the U of MN? Congratulations! These are exciting news for all international students. You now have a lot of challenges coming your way; and although traveling abroad is an awesome experience, it can get pretty stressful for first-...
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Names and their meanings across cultures

–What does your name mean? –What do you mean “mean”? –Yes, what does your name mean in your language? –Well, I guess nothing… it’s just a name… I was having this conversation with one of my colleagues from the Graduate Graphic Design track the other...
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Preparing for the harsh Minnesota winter

This guide is meant to help all new International students get through the hard winter in Minnesota; those who come from warmer weathers will find it the most helpful. Yes, we all know it’s cold outside; Minnesota’s weather can be challenging, but...