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Where do I buy STUFF?

Hello everyone, my name is Young Ma, from South Korea. Today, I am here to solve the questions that you have before coming to the University of Minnesota. Should I buy a computer before coming to the school? How about the text book, note bo oks, and...
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Were you a sports player back in your country? However don't know what to do when you come to America? Or, do you want to try new sports and compete with other teams? Many colleges in the USA offer student opportunities to play sports in a TEAM. It...
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Do you think you will be lonely for the school break?

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to introduce you to the very successful events for international students that were held by the University of Minnesota! When there are school breaks like winter break, summer break, or spring break, most of the...
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Home alone for Christmas

I'm alone... Where is everybody? During the winter break, it is common that most of the students will leave campus to go home. So, what do you do when the university is closed and you are stuck in the dorm? Here is the solution, ISSS and Students...
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Involvement=Key to Sucess

Hello everyone, my name is Young, one of the International Student Ambassadors. I am going to introduce you to how to become successful as an international student here in the University of Minnesota. This is the picture of my Pledge Class for...