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Computer Science Classes at the U

Being a Computer Science major, CSCI classes will take up most your time in school. The classes are fun and challenging, and the work often time consuming, but if you are someone who craves challenging problems and likes programming or wants to...
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The Amazing Keller Hall

A hall that most Computer Science, Computer Engineers and Electrical Engineers call home, Keller Hall in my (probably biased) opinion is the most beautiful hall on campus. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, it truly is a work...
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How to keep yourself sane!

As a student, sometimes the expectations are great on you. Being at a top institution such as the University of Minnesota requires a lot of work, and there is a lot of effort and grit involved. Sometimes, it can lead to getting stressed, you can...
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How to enjoy the winter vacation: Go to California!

This winter break I decided to head over to San Francisco for a week as I wanted a break of the snow and cold that was here in Minnesota! I have an aunt in California who invited me to come over, and to my surprise, my mom and younger brother joined...
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DISA's Boat Party

Who doesn't love boats? Everyone loves boats! That's why boat parties are awesome! On 24th November in celebration the Day of the Dead, a Latin American cultural holiday, the Domestic and International Student Association (DISA), in association with...