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Fun Courses at the U

One of the go-to-brag-about perks of studying at the U is definitely the fun courses this insitution has offered. They are often one of the primary wisdom and advices given out by seniors, seasoned students and even alumnis. "You should take some...
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UMN Study Abroad

If there is one memory of the U that I am fond of during my time here, it is it's rich and well-structured learning abroad center. It is ranked among the five largest and most successful learning abroad center on campus. With the increasing emphasis...
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A Letter for Incoming and Future Gophers

Hi! I hope all of you are doing great with life and I hope everything is great for you guys! I received an email from an incoming Malaysian to the University and I have given my thoughts about the U from all aspects as well as from my personal...
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Malaysian Night 2016

Hi Gophers! The University's Malaysian Student Association (PERSISMA) has been busy preparing for the biggest event of the year again, yeap, Malaysian Night 2016 . The theme for this year's event is Pasar Malam or Night Market. Night markets are, as...
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A Major in Sociology

What is Sociology? Well I know that a lot of international students have never heard of this discipline before, or if they have, maybe they don't really understand what its about. Kudos to those of you who know this academic discipline! So what is...
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GoldPass Career Service Tutorial

It's the time of the semester again where many gophers dress up in their smartest outfits or attires to leave good impressions on potential employers, the time when employers visit the University to look for fresh talents to instill new blood and...
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Winter Wonder in Minnesota

Can you believe it? It's Christmas! Again! Time really flies! It's the time of the year again to take our minds off classes, assignments and tests. This is also the time that most of us international students will look forward too because we have...
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Finals Preparation

So it's that time of the semester again. This is the final stretch of the semester when students are doing their very best to achieve the desired results in their classes. This period is perhaps the most difficult time for most students as final...