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Minnehaha Falls

Last break, I spent my first winter break in Minnesota. It was really cold, so I thought, why not visit Minnehaha Falls? I've never had the chance to visit Minnehaha Falls during winter, and I heard it's really beautiful because the falls' frozen...
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Double Major

Hi guys! I want to share a little bit of my experience deciding to do a double major. Ever since in high school, I knew I wanted to major in Psychology. I was always amused by what psychology studies; people. But, during the first year of my college...
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Homecoming Concert 2016!

Time goes by so fast here at the U, between academics and everything else. So again, we find ourselves at the brink of Homecoming 2016! Homecoming is one of the biggest events held by Student Unions and Activities (SUA). There are lots of activities...
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Freshman 15

Have you guys heard of freshman 15? I'm sure you have. If you are a future freshman students, you should read this! Freshman 15 is a belief that freshman college students will gain about15 pounds during their first year in college. Now, is this a...
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Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Spring break is coming, and one of the best ways to spend it is to travel! I know, as a college student, we have to be smart on how we spend our money. But that doesn't mean that you can't go travelling over the spring break. Now I'm going to give...
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Living Learning Community: Deadlines

Are you considering living on campus? Check out a Living and Learning Community (LLC). It is a place where you can live with peers with the same interests as yours. They offer over 30 interest-specific LLCs, and you get to choose which community...