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The Condensed World Culture at the U of M

Before I joined the University of Minnesota, I had so many questions regarding to the cultural environment here at the U. I even had the concern that I might not find my comfort spot in the unfamiliar setting. However, it turned out that I was over...
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ISA go ice skating!

On Saturday four of our ambassadors went together to an ice rink called The Depot in downtown Minneapolis for a true Minnesota experience. (Left to right: Heather, Bach, Kevin, Leo) (YES!!!#SELFIE#) On the way to the Depot, on the new light rail...
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YES for on campus jobs

Hello all! I hope everyone’s college application went well! For those of you who’ve already got admitted, congratulations! Through the U-Me Connect Q&A session, I found lots of you were curious about on-campus jobs here at the U of M. I’m glad...
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Small World Coffee Hour - Best chit chat place on Friday evening!

Besides being an International Student Ambassador, another student organization that I really enjoyed this semester is Small World Coffee Hour (SWCH). SWCH was established in 1993. Since then it has been a great place for both international students...
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Great Thanksgiving Feast with my Extended Family in MN!

Hello guys!!! Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving~ I know some of my friends enjoyed trips to New York City, Chicago and Seattle. For me, I just stayed in Minneapolis. It sounds lonely to stay here when most of my friends left for home. However, I was...
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Goodbye Autumn; Hello Winter

Hello everyone. Have you enjoyed the first snow this year? Here are some pretty pictures taken by my friends: I heard some of my Chinese friends joking and complaining about the "early" snow, compared to places they come from. But there are also...
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Falling in Love with the Writing Center while Writing Long Papers

Hello guys! Finals are just about a month away. It seems like a lot of students, including me, are stressed out because of tons of due dates coming up. Taking a writing intensive class in my first semester seems like a lot for me since sometimes...