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Connecting between the St. Paul and Minneapolis Campus

The University of Minnesota has different campuses across the state, the one I attend is called the Twin Cities campus. Ever wondered why it's called that? Well it is because it encompasses both St. Paul and Minneapolis, two metropolitan areas which...
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Intramural Sports (Soccer!)

Tips on how to get involved in intramural sports and my experience playing intramural soccer at the university!

Want scholarship as an International Student? Try Culture Corp

Are you an international student willing to share your experience on the U? Do you want a scholarship from the U? ISSS Culture Corp program is the right place for you. Culture Corps was created in 1998 by Dr. Mohammed Bari to provide international...
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Start your professional career early!

As an international student, getting started in a professional world scares me the most. Besides having to speak professionally in the language that isn’t my first, I often feel insecure about how can I make myself stood up to companies. As a junior...
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Transportation at the U

Moving about at college is something you will do a lot, to classes and back, friends gathering, sport events, student groups meetings and so you will find yourself needing to figure out how to do all this, and fast. Here at the University of...
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Don't Stress About Stress!

College is a great place to make new friends and gain new experiences. However, it is also extremely challenging and requires significantly more effort than high school. At least for me personally, balancing academics, a job, research, and...

Navigating outside classroom resources!

Prospective Gophers! I want to talk to you in detail about the extracurricular and outside classroom learning opportunities available at the U! One lifetime is not enough to figure out everything the university has to offer - you can take my word...
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Jobs on Campus!

As the college can cost you a large amount of money, you may wonder whether you could find a way to earn some extra cash for yourself. Also, as an international student, you may wonder whether you could work on campus legally since you have an F1 or...
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Intramural Sports at the U of M!

The University of Minnesota offers intramural sports to its students; for those who don’t know, intramural sports are leagues that give an opportunity to students to compete at a higher level against other student teams. You can make your own team...
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Find Your Happy Place

There's a point in time, when you don't feel good about yourself. It doesn't have to be anything physical or work-related, you just know that something's wrong. You like your classes, enjoy spending time with friends, study and work, but you just...