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Diary and Meat Salesroom: Your Cub Foods on campus

Hello guys! Today I would like to share my favorite place on campus with you. It is a place where I can buy yummy ice cream, fresh meat, sweet honey and delicious cheese. Where is the place? Right here at the Diary and Meat Salesroom on the...
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Your UMN Advisor

Hi guys! Thinking about all the incoming students that we’ll be seeing around campus soon (and also the current students who don’t use this resource often), I’d like to tell you about your Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors are your go-to resource...
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Undergraduate Research Symposium 2016!

Every year, the University of Minnesota hosts a research symposium intended for undergraduates across all colleges/majors to present posters or oral presentations of research they conducted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (...
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Fundraising through Crowdfunding

Hello guys! I would like to introduce you a simple way to fundraise for University events. If your student group needs money to host a event, you can make a fundraising page through crowdfunding platorm which is provided by the University of...
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Off-Campus Housing: Searching a New Home

So you’re halfway through your freshman/first-year of college and you’re having a great time in the dorms with your newfound friends but you’re tired of having dorm food every day, having to shower in the common bathroom down the hallway only to...
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A Letter for Incoming and Future Gophers

Hi! I hope all of you are doing great with life and I hope everything is great for you guys! I received an email from an incoming Malaysian to the University and I have given my thoughts about the U from all aspects as well as from my personal...
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Things you have to know before class registration

Hey guys! As we’re nearing the end of this semester, there’s one thing you should keep an eye on; class registration for fall semester is coming! Some classes get filled up really quickly, so you should plan ahead in order to successfully enroll in...
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Schedule Builder: A tool that makes registration easier

Hello everyone! Hope spring break was rejuvenating and refreshing for all of you! As we are racing towards the end of this semester with innumerable midterms, quizzes and papers, the stress of chalking out schedules for the next semester just adds...
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My visit to the CBS Conservatory

Hello guys! I visited the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) Greenhouse last Friday and would like to share my experience with you. The CBS Greenhouse is located at 1534 Lindig Street on the U of M's St. Paul campus. The public hours are 9am to 3:...
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Are you looking for an on-campus job opportunity?

Hi guys! Today I am going to introduce how to find an on-campus job. I worked at the Office of the Registrar during the winter break and in my opinion, working on campus is a great way to not only make some extra money but also gain work experience...