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Ways to thrive during finals!

A health psychologist says that “When you change your mind about stress you can change your body’s response to the stress”. In other words, if you view stress response as helpful you can use that as a driving force to succeed. Create your own...
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Research? Can I do that?

We always read that the University of Minnesota is a research university. But does that affect me? And the answer is of course: YES! Research is one of the best ways to earn lab experience, increase your knowledge while also getting paid for it (the...
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Summer Internship at Deloitte

This past summer, I had an amazing opportunity to intern with Deloitte in their Minneapolis office. It was a rotational internship program between the Advisory and Tax practice called the Discovery Internship Program. Deloitte is a global...
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How to Make the Best Out of College

Hello gophers! I hope that the coming midterms are not stressing you out! While college can be pretty overwhelming with a bazillion credits and homework assignments, the support of friends, peers and fun social activities can help alleviate that...
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The U-Pass

With such a great city to explore, getting around if you don't have a car or bike can be a bit difficult. That's why the Twin Cities has a great public transit system; Metro Transit. The University of Minnesota has teamed up with Metro Transit and...
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Exhibits at Wilson Library

Now that the school year is almost over, students should appreciate some of the facilities we have on campus. Libraries are often used to study and we, as viewers, don't spend time looking at the exhibitions. Currently, there are different exhibits...
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But what should I eat?

There's a lot of different food options at the U of M. There's dining halls that first year students mainly use, there's on-campus retail locations and then there's a TON of off-campus options for any type of foodie. When I was a first year, I lived...
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The Condensed World Culture at the U of M

Before I joined the University of Minnesota, I had so many questions regarding to the cultural environment here at the U. I even had the concern that I might not find my comfort spot in the unfamiliar setting. However, it turned out that I was over...
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Research at the University

The University of Minnesota is well known as a major public research institution, partly for its opportunities and amenities for undergraduates. The U of M offers plenty of chances for undergraduate students to do research along with graduate...
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Libraries and Coffee? Perfect Combination

At the University of Minnesota, there's over hundreds of places to study. From the basement of Coffman Memorial Union to laying in the grass in the mall area to sitting in the lobby of the Rec Center, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I...