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Take Advantage of your CLA Core Courses

Studying in the United States has been a great experience for me, full of amazing opportunities and discoveries. Part of what has made it so great is the flexibility that an American Liberal Arts degree has to offer, and at the same time the...
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Our myths on public education don't apply in the US

A few days ago my little brother who is finishing High School in Latin America and receiving information on college and universities in the United States called with a kind of funny, but nevertheless common question. He said to me “Amelia, how come...
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Nuestros mitos acerca de la educación pública no se aplican en EEUU

(View this post in English here ) Hace un par de días mi hermanito que esta terminando bachillerato en América Latina y recibiendo información de universidades en los EEUU me llamó con una cuestión un poco chistosa . Me dijo “Amelia, ¿ Cómo es que...
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Why the College of Liberal Arts?

Choosing a college within a University was kind of a foreign concept to me, especially when I had to pick College of Liberal Arts instead of "school of anthropology" or "school of music" as I would have to do back home. Most universities in...
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Learning Portuguese at the U of M

Today I want to share a little bit about my passion for languages and the opportunities the U of M offers me in this area. I have always been interested in learning languages, and I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoy grammar. I currently...