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My Major Exploration Story

Explore your options when it comes to majors. That is one of the best pieces of advice I can give to any student in college. I'm going into my fourth year here at the U, and it's my last before I graduate. Looking back, I changed my major about 3...
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The U-Pass

With such a great city to explore, getting around if you don't have a car or bike can be a bit difficult. That's why the Twin Cities has a great public transit system; Metro Transit. The University of Minnesota has teamed up with Metro Transit and...
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Minnesota Twins - Student Days!

Baseball is commonly known as America's Pastime. With a vast amount of teams and leagues in the United States, pretty much every major city has a team you can root for! Here in Minnesota, we have the Minnesota Twins . The name of the team comes from...
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Finals are back, no!

It's that time of year again, finals week. The most stressful part of any college students' career is finals, regardless of what degree you're going for. This past week was actually the last week of classes for every student. Next week is finals...
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But what should I eat?

There's a lot of different food options at the U of M. There's dining halls that first year students mainly use, there's on-campus retail locations and then there's a TON of off-campus options for any type of foodie. When I was a first year, I lived...
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Dinkytown , the small area next to campus with the silly name and dozens of things to do. Dinkytown is right across the street from campus and contains a lot of food, shops, coffeeshops and housing for students. Personally, I live in an apartment...
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Libraries and Coffee? Perfect Combination

At the University of Minnesota, there's over hundreds of places to study. From the basement of Coffman Memorial Union to laying in the grass in the mall area to sitting in the lobby of the Rec Center, the possibilities are endless. Personally, I...
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The Rec Center

One of my favorite buildings on campus is definitely the University Recreation & Wellness Center , especially with the new portion that was just put up a year ago. I tend to spend a lot of my week in the rec actually. There's just so much to do...
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How To: Join the Perfect Student Group

The University of Minnesota has hundreds of student groups on campus, hundreds . We have over 800, which is a lot to take in at once. With so many different groups, one may be overwhelmed with which to check out and which to walk by and ignore. But...
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School's Back

It's still the middle of winter. There's snow on the ground, it's relatively chilly outside and it's going to remain this winter wonderland for a bit longer. To top it all off, the next semester of school is just beginning. Getting back into the...