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Social Life

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Spring Jam 2015 is coming!

The end of the semester is so close! I know all of you guys are so excited to be back with your family members. With that in mind, U of M wants to give you one last treat: Spring Jam 2015! If you guys are familiar with this amazing singing event,...
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Spring Break in New Orleans

Spring break is a great time in the semester! it's a week off of classes that students get during the spring semester, and one of the things people do the most during this time is travel within the US. For my spring break, a friend and I decided to...
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Viva Colonia

Guten Tag! Greeting from Köln, Germany. How is everyone doing with the new semester/year in Minnesota? Well, for me, I am spending a semester in University of Cologne in Germany. It has been two weeks since I came to Cologne (Köln) and I have to say...
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Living in Comstock Hall

​When it comes time to choose a residence hall a lot of factors come into play. Is it close to my classes? How are the rooms? Will I have a roommate? Is there a dinning hall? Is it too big or too small? Is it loud during the weekends? And so many...
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My Gopher Adventure (VIDEO)

​Hello guys, So in order to answer all the questions I have been asked, I decided to show you rather than tell you. Enjoy this video of my experiences here at the University of Minnesota!
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Skiing is Love at the Very First Swoosh!

Many of us dread the winter because of the cold and the unbearable pain it comes with when we slip on ice. But, it is a different feeling when slipping down a slope is fun and falling several times is not painful anymore. This winter break, my...
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Social Justice Leadership Retreat

​ Housing and Residential Life (HRL) at the University of Minnesota strive to foster a learning and inclusive environment by organizing student engagement events such as the Social Justice Leadership Retreat. Along with 56 students and 18...
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How to enjoy the winter vacation: Go to California!

This winter break I decided to head over to San Francisco for a week as I wanted a break of the snow and cold that was here in Minnesota! I have an aunt in California who invited me to come over, and to my surprise, my mom and younger brother joined...
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ISA go ice skating!

On Saturday four of our ambassadors went together to an ice rink called The Depot in downtown Minneapolis for a true Minnesota experience. (Left to right: Heather, Bach, Kevin, Leo) (YES!!!#SELFIE#) On the way to the Depot, on the new light rail...
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How To: Join the Perfect Student Group

The University of Minnesota has hundreds of student groups on campus, hundreds . We have over 800, which is a lot to take in at once. With so many different groups, one may be overwhelmed with which to check out and which to walk by and ignore. But...