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Common registration dilemmas and how to resolve them

It seems like this semester started just yesterday...and it is already time to register for next semester! By now, most of you should have received your registration time slot on MyU, should have met with your advisor and be looking at your 4-year...
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Beating homesickness as an international student at UMN

Homesickness can be deep-set for international students. Because home is a long and expensive plane ride away, it is not practically or financially sensible for us to return home during weekends or for brief periods in the middle of the semester...
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Deciding on a phone plan!

One of the first, important things you need to do upon arrival in the US is to purchase a phone plan from a reliable telecom service provider! Though the concept of network coverage and telecom service is itself almost universal, terminology used to...
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Biking in the Minneapolis summer!

This is my second time staying in Minneapolis over the summer break doing research, and guess what I have been doing when I am not working on my research projects or studying for the GRE? I get out and bike! Well, not ALL the time, but fairly often...
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The Festival of Colors: Holi at UMN!

You may or may not be familiar with Holi. It is an Indian festival of colors, with a mythological origin signifying the triumph of good over evil. On this day, people go out onto the streets with colored powder and throw these at friends, family and...
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Undergraduate Research Symposium 2016!

Every year, the University of Minnesota hosts a research symposium intended for undergraduates across all colleges/majors to present posters or oral presentations of research they conducted through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (...
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The Public Health Minor

The Public Health Minor Do you find yourself in a downright frenzy as you contemplate a vast array of options on what major and/or minor to pursue in college? The University of Minnesota has many highly ranked programs for you to choose from. Let me...
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Make high school courses count as college classes – Transferring credits!

A lot of international students come to college having taken intensive classes under rigorous educational curricula like IB (International Baccalaureate), AP(advanced placement) and A levels. Did you know that such intensive high school classes in...
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Perks of being in UMN's College of Biological Sciences (CBS)!

The University of Minnesota is one of the few institutions in the US that has a college specifically dedicated to the biological sciences. Usually, these courses fall under the college of liberal arts and sciences or the college of engineering,...