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Twin Cities

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Budget friendly things to do in the Twin Cities

Metropolitan areas can be expensive, so it’s always nice to know that there are fun things to do in the Twin Cities that don’t break the bank! Here are a few of the things I like to do and that are all budget friendly: I really like sports, in...
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10 Places to Visit Before You Graduate (St. Paul campus)

Hello guys! How is your summer going? Wonderful! Awesome! Me too. Today I would like to share my ten favorites places on the St. Paul campus. St. Paul campus is my base. I study here, work here and live here. I love it. Although the title is "10...
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Biking in the Minneapolis summer!

This is my second time staying in Minneapolis over the summer break doing research, and guess what I have been doing when I am not working on my research projects or studying for the GRE? I get out and bike! Well, not ALL the time, but fairly often...
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Winter Wonder in Minnesota

Can you believe it? It's Christmas! Again! Time really flies! It's the time of the year again to take our minds off classes, assignments and tests. This is also the time that most of us international students will look forward too because we have...
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Biking in Minneapolis

Hey guys! Did you know that Minneapolis is the most bike-friendly city in the U.S.? As a matter of fact, Minneapolis is the only city in the U.S. on the world's most bike-friendly list. Here's an article from the Star Tribune which talks about it...
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What to do in Minnesotan Winters

Are you worried you won’t have enough to do in the winter break? Let me help you out! I decided to stay in Minnesota for this winter and found different ways to keep myself busy! If you’re looking to rejuvenate from the stressful semester and want...
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Favorite Places In Twin Cities

There are many things to do on campus but sometimes, staying on campus for too long might get stressful. During the weekends, I like to get out of the campus and explore Twin Cities. Twin Cities offer a wide variety of activities from shopping to...
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CSE 2015 Robot Show- R2-D2 would be proud!!

A large robot show was hosted at the University of Minnesota's McNamara Alumni Center on 14th Decemeber, 2015 and as many as 200 students participated in this event. It was a delight to see several students interested in an area that will soon take...
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Gophers Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs embody the promise of America: the idea that if you have a good idea and are willing to work hard and see it through, you can succeed in this country. And in fulfilling this promise, entrepreneurs also play a critical role in expanding...
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The U-Pass

With such a great city to explore, getting around if you don't have a car or bike can be a bit difficult. That's why the Twin Cities has a great public transit system; Metro Transit. The University of Minnesota has teamed up with Metro Transit and...