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Twin Cities

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Things I Picked Up in the Snow

There are a lot of things different between living in my home country, the Philippines, and Minnesota. One of the more difficult ones to ignore would be the icy cold weather unfamiliar to many of us who have embraced the tropical climate all our...
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Minnehaha Falls Summer VS Winter

Here is the address: 4801 South Minnehaha Park Drive, Minneapolis, MN Minnehaha Falls needs to be on your must do list in the Twin Cities. Going behind Minnehaha Falls is tons of fun year round, but during the Winter it freezes into an ice cave that...
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Get around the city by Bus

Getting around the city might be difficult without a car, but there are a some public transportation options that will get you to anywhere. I just made a video introducing bus transportation in Minneapolis. I hope you enjoy the video and riding...
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2013: An Incredible Year for a Grad Student

There are so many differences in terms of culture that we, as International Students, know they exist. One of them, is the idea of creating new resolutions. Nevertheless, in my home country, Colombia, we think more about the past than the future. I...

2013: A Year to Remember

Check out this video, created by President Kaler, showing just a few of the amazing accomplishments in 2013:

Out Loud: A Conversation about Culture

MISA (Minnesota International Student Association) will have an open discussion regarding to all aspects of international and multicultural student life and the differences of cultures. The discussion, named Out Loud: A Conversation About Culture,...
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Is anyone there?!?!? This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador and I need help!! I am being chased by whole bunch of zombies!!!!! HELP!!!!! No…. Nooooooooooooo!!!! Oh no….. I turned into a zombie myself tooooooo!!!! Nooooooooooooooo Okay...
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Where am I?

Hi people! This is Shoichi from International Student Ambassador! What's up! I have a questions that I need to ask you... Please look at these pictures. Where am I? Am I shooting a movie? Am I time-traveling? I wish. Well, not really. I like 21th...

President Kaler calls for students from every country

MISA (the Minnesota International Student Association) recently hosted their annual Feast of nations. It was amazing event where the student group arranged everything from dances to food for over 1200 people. University of Minnesota President, Eric...



With 80 percent of our incoming freshmen living in campus residence halls, much of the student experience happens here.

Living on-campus is a great opportunity for all students. In addition to making friends, studies have shown that students who live on campus for multiple years get better grades and have higher graduation rates than students who live off-campus.