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Viva Colonia

Guten Tag! Greeting from Köln, Germany. How is everyone doing with the new semester/year in Minnesota? Well, for me, I am spending a semester in University of Cologne in Germany. It has been two weeks since I came to Cologne (Köln) and I have to say...
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Double Majors Interested in both accounting and American History but could not decided which one to choose? Well, ever though about a third option---double majoring? With more than 140 majors provided in Twin Cities campus, you will definitely find...
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Study Abroad While Studying Abroad

Ever think about doing another study abroad program while you are currently studying abroad? Wouldn't that be great? Think about it: You can go explore a different culture, learn a new language, and meet new people from all over the world. Also, you...
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How to find fun things to do around the campus

It is Fall Carnival today! My friend and I went to Coffman to check it out. There are several fun activities here but one thing I found most interesting is the zorbing. Basically, you are put in a huge ball and then when you run in the ball, you...
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Summer in Amoy, China

Hey, It is so great to back to my hometown. The city is super hot, as usual, sp now I miss the winter in Minnesota- haha! Still, I'm having a great time with my friends and family here. I just wanted to share some pics with you guys about my summer...
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It’s always sunny in Mpls

It is summer now, also known as construction season! (Minnesota has only two seasons: winter and road construction, haha). So got any plans to enjoy the great sunshine outside? Well, I know an awesome place for you to hang out with friends in summer...