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A professor demonstrates something in front of a classThe University of Minnesota offers more than 150 undergraduate degree programs. Whatever you are interested in studying, you will likely find here! Our degree programs are organized into eight freshmen-admitting colleges within the University.

Students are admitted into one of these colleges directly in their first year and immediately begin to benefit from the smaller community of students, professors, advisers, and classes specific to their college. Each college has its own identity, size, and majors, and each colleges' buildings are typically clustered within one or two areas of campus.

Through our colleges, we offer extensive academic support services and advising to help you succeed in all stages of your academic and post-academic careers. Academic advising and career advising take place within each college and are specific to that cluster of majors. The University also provides many enhanced academic experiences designed to help you succeed in all aspects of their education. We invite you to explore the degrees we offer, the huge volume of research university staff and students are engaged in, and the ways we support our students.

Freshman-Admitting Colleges

Upper-Division Programs

1–2 years completed college coursework required for admission